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Anger Counselling in Exeter.  (Home)

Anger has a useful function, in the appropriate circumstances.  Counselling can help clients realise when anger is appropriate - and also when it is not.

People often feel the emotion of anger when their own patterns of beliefs, values, behaviours, etc., are challenged, negated, or disrespected.  That will often instigate the emotion of anger as they feel that their own values are being negated, not important and put down.

Demonstration of the emotion of anger is sometimes the problem. Being angry is one thing, how that anger emotion is expressed or demonstrated may be the problem for some people.

Most people can feel an emotion without demonstrating it to others. People can feel the emotion of like or dislike without necessarily demonstrating it. Separating the situation of having the emotion, of anger, without needing to demonstrate it can be useful for many clients.

Counselling in Exeter helps you to understand:

  • Why you are feeling how you are?
  • What are the real importances of those feelings?
  • Are those really your feelings, or are they how you have 'trained' yourself to be in those situations?

With  that understanding you will be able to work towards changing:

  • Plan actions which are likely to resolve the issues.
  • Realise which problems really are not yours, that you should not be assuming responsibility for them.
  • Decide to work towards a practical solution for your own situation.

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